When sunlight is reflected off a solid surface or water, it creates an irritating glare. Glare is a real mood killer. It diminishes your depth perception, makes your view and color perception lopsided, and can even blind you momentarily. Therefore, polarized lenses are coated with a unique chemical film to minimize that glare and haze. The chemical is created to absorb light waves while still enabling vertical waves to pass through. Since light will only be traveling through polarized lenses, glare will be eliminated.

fullscope sports polarized sunglasses w vented lens fssdlx9275

FullScope Sports Polarized Sunglasses With Vented Lens fssdlx9275

Following are the core benefits of using polarized sunglasses: Reduce glare, and Improve Safety A polarized lens removes the effects of glare by restricting reflections that enhance your eye’s comfort and let you take in the view without squinting. Flat roads and water are elements most guilty of glare and can cause a hazard to cyclists who may already struggle with eyesight issues. Glare is a deadly serious problem for people with sensitive eyes and has even been reported to cause migraines to individuals susceptible to developing them. Water Sports Google videos of any outdoor activities such as swimming and boating to see that the majority of the participants are wearing polarized sunglasses. The unique chemical used in tinted lenses makes it easier to see underwater. Without polarized glasses, the water’s surface reflects everything around it. It blurs the underwater view almost entirely. The Polarized shades block this reflection and allow the wearer to see the contents of the water instead of the sky. Reduce Eyestrain Eyestrain is another nasty gift of glare, which can be solved with polarized glasses. When you strain your eyes to see clear images, it stresses your vision and creates irritating health issues like redness, headaches, and fatigue. Polarized lenses counteract this problem and allow your eyes to be more comfortable and well-rested. Better Vision: Regularly wearing polarized glasses reveals colors and images like never before. You will see clearly, with a level of detail that may surprise you. Notwithstanding the above, polarized lenses are not recommended for night driving, flying a plane, skiing downhill, or viewing LCD screens. Lastly, asking your eye doctor if polarized lenses are right for you is admissible.