Let's put your current boring fitness routines aside for a moment, and it's time for you to take on some challenge. These fitness challenges that we will share with you will put your muscular strength and endurance to the test and will push you past your limits. They work if you do it right and consistently; take each challenge at your own pace, work on your form, and gradually improve.

There are a lot of fitness challenges that you can try, whether you’re a newbie or a workout maniac.

What is a Fitness Challenge?

Best Fitness Challenges That Actually Work - FullScope Sports
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Before you start taking on any fitness challenges, you need to make sure that you fully understand what it is first.

A Fitness challenge is a concept where you immerse yourself in the tasks and motivating environment to be successful. It is not the same as a fitness goal because a fitness challenge is more than just a workout.

It would be best if you had a goal, come up with a plan, a deadline, and the tools you may need for you to finish a challenge successfully. A fitness challenge may include an at-home workout, equipment recommendations, nutrition or healthy diet advice, and sessions with a professional trainer in order for it to work successfully.

Most of the fitness challenges may take at least a few weeks or a month to show results. So, you need to develop an achievable timeline and make sure that you reward yourself whenever you hit a goal.

What Defines a Good Fitness Challenge?

Best Fitness Challenges That Actually Work - FullScope Sports
Photographer: bruce mars | Source: Unsplash

Many challenges are available; a 30-fitness challenge, for example. Most challenges, however, have similar elements which builts a good user experience. If you try a fitness challenge that seems to be impossible to achieve or inconvenient, you will lose interest and, the challenge will not have the same impact as it should be. SO, laying a solid basis before taking on a challenge is crucial for it to work.

Here are six (6) core elements of a good fitness challenge:

  1. Goal – A goal helps you identify what you're aiming for in each challenge. No matter what you want to achieve, whether it's weight loss or money raised for charity, you always need to have a goal in place.
  2. End Date – It is a timeline you set for a particular challenge. Depending on the type of challenge you do, it can take up to a couple of weeks to a couple of months.
  3. Tools – These are the resources that you need to accomplish a challenge. Some of the help you need may include health tips and advice, workout plans, in-person sessions, and many more.
  4. Track Progress – Tracking your progress is crucial in a challenge because it can help you see how far you've progressed since the start of the challenge. It helps identify if the challenge you're taking is working or not. You can use any online app or take photographs to track your progress.
  5. Realistic – Having a fitness objective that is challenging yet realistic can help set you up for success.
  6. Abilities – Taking fitness challenges that are flexible with progressions is a good idea, as it challenges your body's capacity.

Four Fitness Challenges You Can Try

Best Fitness Challenges - FullScope Sports
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A 30-day fitness challenge may seem like a great way to get started on a new habit that will help you improve overall health. There are a lot of challenges to choose from so you need to take the time to choose a challenge that interests you and will help you start your fitness journey the right way.

Below are some of the most common challenges that you can participate in that works:

Challenge 1: Burpee Challenge

The Burpee Challenge is a full-body exercise that increases your heart rate, promotes weight loss, and aids in shaping your legs and shoulders. Once you master the proper form of doing the challenge, you need to slowly progress from 10-100 burpees and do it for 30 straight days.

Burpees for Beginners: 30-Day Challenge | From LivestrongWoman on YouTube

Here are a few ideas:

  • 1st week: You can pause between and break your reps into sets.
  • 2nd week: You should be hitting your strides already on the 2nd week of the challenge.
  • 3rd week: You need to get used to being uncomfortable and take longer breaks when needed because you will already feel the intensity as you reach on the 3rd week of your challenge.
  • 4th week: This is the most challenging part, but you need to be consistent until you finish it.

Challenge 2: Plank Challenge

This challenge will kick start your six-pack abs journey. All you have to do to achieve your dream abs is to do any of the following below:

  • You can do 30 seconds to 3 minutes of planking, or;
  • Hold the open body position for 10 to 1 minute.
10 Min Plank Workout | 28 DAYS Plank Challenge | From Chloe Ting on YouTube

Try not to get irritated since this challenge can become challenging to accomplish on some days. You have to make sure to take breaks as needed

Challenge 3: Squat Challenge

A squat challenge is a lower-body staple that targets your buttocks and legs. Make sure that you have access to equipment that you might need and have a consistent area or place to work out, to avoid encountering any issues while doing this challenge.

The Most Effective Squat Challenge | From FitnessBlender on YouTube

Below are the basics of a Squat Challenge:

  • To begin the challenge, you'll start with 15-50 and slowly work your way up to 250 squats. The number of squads will vary depending on how many you can do each day.
  • In the 2nd week, you'll start getting into the routine and feel the challenge's intensity on week 3.
  • This challenge requires you to do squads repetitively, as a result, completing the challenge will not be your main issue on this but the boredom that you might feel eventually when accomplishing the challenge.

Challenge 4: T-Minus 30

The T-Minus 30 challenge was created with the Tough Mudder course in mind. It features calendars and training programs to help you lose weight and get in shape and it doesn’t matter whether you plan to run an obstacle course race or not. Hunter McIntyre, a four-time Tough Mudder X champion, has created:

  • Twenty-one different workouts, five days of training every week, and one day of mobility.
  • Tips on hydration, food, the proper footwear, and race day preparation.
  • Tips on overcoming the Mudder's most complex challenges.
T-Minus 30 | Tough Mudder

What Fitness Challenges Are You Trying Today?

It's challenging to stay motivated and accountable when you're on your own. Since fitness challenges turn fitness into a game, it helps maintain your health and fitness more enjoyable. To make it work and get the best results, you need to find a good fitness challenge, set realistic goals, and provide yourself with all the resources you need to finish a fitness challenge.

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