Running can quickly become part of an important routine. Whether you run in the morning or at night, this time is sacred for many people. When clearing the mind of everyday stress, listening to music can help you stay motivated while keeping you on schedule. This is why so many runners feel strongly about their headphones.

What Are The Best Headphones For Running?

The best headphones for running must work while the body is in motion. Headphones that are highly sensitive and may skip cannot be used for long distances. Bulky headphones or ones that sit on top of the head may be able to provide quality sound but are not designed for the up and down motion of running. Since these frequently slide off or become tangled in their own cord, many runners prefer wireless headphones.

Wireless running headphones are designed with athletes in mind. When using both arms to keep posture and balance correct, runners no longer have to worry about getting tangled up in the stray wire. Even earphones that have short wires can become tangled or get caught on jackets or armbands.

Wireless headphones now come in a variety of designs. Since they are no longer a costly investment, many runners prefer these earphones because there is no threat of becoming caught in wires or having an earphone inadvertently bumped out of place.

What Kinds of Wireless Running Headphones Are There?

Wireless headphones or earbuds are made by several companies. Depending on the price range and fit, there are several kinds of designs available today.

When deciding what type of wireless earphone to purchase, there are a few details worth paying attention to.

The Top 6 Features of Quality Wireless Earphones

1.) Battery life. The battery life on wireless earbuds can greatly vary depending on the company and model. While some last approximately 4 hours, other earbuds can last for up to 7.5 hours. For long-distance runners or marathon training, battery life is especially important so that music can be heard for the entire duration of a run. Before buying wireless earbuds, check to see how long the battery lasts as well as how it charges.

2.) Sound adjustment. Wireless earbuds are especially nice for consistent sound quality. Unlike earphones that are connected by a cord, wireless buds are less likely to get pulled from the ear. Since there is no potential threat of a wire snag, earphones can rest correctly in the ear with little movement from the actual earpiece. This is especially helpful when moving around.

3.) Water resistance. Depending on the make and model of earphones, some wireless earbuds may be water-resistant. Water-resistance does not specifically mean water-proof, but it does allow for easy cleaning. If you wear your earphones on every run, thoroughly cleaning them is usually a necessary requirement. Water-resistant also means that headphones can withstand sweat.

4.) High wind capability. Many wireless earbuds are effective through the high wind. This means that no matter how fast you’re running, wind resistance does not have to negatively impact the sound quality from an earbud. Wind has the potential to create a static-like quality to music and can be distracting to many runners. This feature is a prized feature for many athletes.

5.) Prime fitting. The earbud itself can come in many different designs. Before buying a wireless earbud, assess whether you want a deep or a loose fit. Some runners prefer a deep fit so that it can block all surrounding noise. Others prefer a looser fit so they can hear what’s going on outside. Depending on where you live, either option can be beneficial.

6.) Connectivity. Wireless earbuds must attach to another device to work. Although this does not mean they require a cord, it does mean their signal must be adequate. Testing to see if earphones connect to a phone quickly is recommended. The range of distance between the phone or other listening devices and the earphones may also change. This can impact the quality of sound during a run.


The best headphones for running are those that allow for ultimate freedom. Wireless headphones ensure that a runner will not become tangled and distracted from dangling cords. Headphones that are wireless are also known for their strong sound quality regardless of movement. For long-distance runs or short sprints, music is often a motivating force when moving forward. Wireless headphones can make sure that nothing is holding you back.