The essentially forced trade of Chris Paul has left the Los Angeles Clippers in a haze. All the numerous indications point to how Los Angeles was really eager to re-sign both Blake Griffins and Chris Paul so as to run back some of the versions of its usual team in their continually desperate conference chase. When Chris Paul became convinced that he really wanted to play with the Rockets and James Harden, the Los Angeles Clippers salvaged some name by agreeing to the trade rather than just watching Chris Paul join the others for nothing. Right now they are also waiting for Blake Griffins to make a decision. Even though some pundits including Michael D. Sykes II have argued that the Clippers should let go of Griffin to make a clean break from the Lob City period. Presently, it is very obvious that the Clippers have no chance in front of the Rockets, Spurs or the Warriors. Therefore, right now their only hope is based on Blake Griffins. Griffin had played only one basketball season with the Clippers before Chris Paul arrived in Los Angeles. In that one season, he was the undisputed Rookie of the Year in spite of the productive debuts from DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall.

That was not a losing winning for the Los Angeles Clippers. L.A. was extremely uncontrolled with the ball, had just two decent basketball shooters on the list and was awfully erratic on defense. Nevertheless Griffin had shown immense, talent. He also showcased his talent once Chris Paul had arrived at the end of the 2011 to the NBA lockout Over time, Blake Griffin became so much more than just a spectacular dunker. He is one of the finest passing big men right now in the basketball league. In addition to this he also he has an extremely strong all inclusive floor game from the attacking point of view. He is the reminiscent of the Kings time where Chris Webber used to be the one to be feared. He is one of the finest and most talented players on the basketball court on most of the nights, and a spot-on centerpiece with incredibly specific needs.