Road Safetytips every cyclist must know

Image Source: NZCYCLEFEST.CO.NZ Cycling is a healthy and environmentally sustainable mode of transportation. With the government’s increasing focus on establishing dedicated cyclist lanes and provision of safety measures, it is more important than ever to understand bike safety protocols. In most places riding a bicycle on sidewalks and against the flow of traffic is illegal and apart from having to pay a fine, the results could be catastrophic and might even cause serious injury. [...]

Things that sports fans are not aware of about a tennis racket

Image Source: TENNISHEAD.NET In a little more than 3 decades, the tennis racket has evolved from a wooden frame with the head not much larger than a teacup saucer to the contemporary rackets made with ultra-light materials with their oversized hitting surfaces. There are many things related to the selection of a perfect tennis racket that amateur players are unaware of. They should, however, have knowledge of these things as theycould potentially have a positive impact on their [...]

Things you need to do before starting cycling

Image Source:  CYCLINGUK.ORG Before getting started with cycling it is necessary to build up your knowledge, fitness and confidence. Cycling is not an easy sport. You need to remember this before you start with it. Getting yourself ready for flat tires, and cycle breaking down will save you from lots of frustration. This is also going to help you get prepared for the worst that could happen. There can be multiple reasons for someone to take-up [...]