Millions of people play tennis every year. And while most people think that you have to wear special shoes to play tennis, that's not always the case. In fact, you can play tennis in running shoes just as quickly as you can in any other type of shoe.

So if you're considering trying tennis for the first time or are an experienced player looking to up your game, don't be afraid to try playing in running shoes! Tennis in running shoes is a great way to get started in the game. It's not as physically demanding as playing tennis in regular shoes. This means you can start out by playing shorter matches and gradually work your way to playing longer games.

And since running shoes are already very comfortable, you'll play for a more extended time without feeling too sore.

So if you're looking for an easy way to get into tennis, try playing in running shoes first! In this article, we detail the pros and cons of playing tennis with running shoes. We’ll also provide product recommendations and more.

Why Get Running Shoes for Tennis?

man in blue Nike shorts playing tennis

There are a few reasons people choose to get running shoes for tennis.

Some may find that they have more energy when playing tennis in running shoes. This could be because the cushioning and support helps to take some of the pressure off their feet. Others may want to try tennis because running shoes are more comfortable than regular shoes.

There are pros and cons to playing tennis in running shoes. The main pro is that it's not as physically demanding as playing tennis in regular shoes. This makes it an excellent way to get started if you're new or uncomfortable. Other advantages include the fact that running shoes are already very comfortable.

On the other hand, the main con is that running shoes are not as durable as regular tennis shoes, so they may not last as long. Additionally, the rubber on running sneakers can be less responsive than the leather on a classic pair of tennis shoes, making it harder for you to hit the ball well. In addition, they may be more challenging to move around in because of their heavier weight.

However, beyond the cons, many people still find that playing tennis with running shoes is better in terms of comfort, budget, and foot support. Wearing running shoes allows players to take shorter strides and move around the court more quickly, which can help them play better tennis.

In addition to these general pros and cons, specific considerations must be made when playing tennis in running shoes. These include the type of running shoe you're using and the surface you're playing on.

What Running Shoes Do We Recommend for Tennis?

When it comes to running shoes for tennis, we recommend going with a model that's got a snug fit and is made from materials that help you move faster. In addition, make sure you get shoes with good arch support to control your shots.

When playing on hard surfaces like clay or concrete, we also recommend using shoes with rubber on the bottom to better grip the surface.

Here are some of our product recommendations:

Cloud by On Running

Can I play tennis in running shoes? - FullScope Sports
On Running – Cloud / Purchase at FullScope Sports

The On Running Cloud is designed for active city dwellers who love to be on the move, making it a perfect beginner's choice for tennis. The Cloud is made with a synthetic upper that's lightweight and breathable, and it also comes with a rubber outsole for grip.

Hurricane 23 by Saucony

Saucony Hurricane 23 - Play Tennis in Running Shoes - FullScope Sports
Saucony Hurricane 23 / Purchase at FullScope Sports

A progressive approach to stability and pure luxury – that's what Saucony's Hurricane 23 is. The supportive guidance frameworks and upper security allow you to move freely. In combination with PWRRUN+ cushioning and top-of-the-line detailing, the final product is a soft, plush ride that's quick to handle anything.

Floatride Run Panthea by Reebok

Reebok Floatride Run Panthea - Play Tennis in Running Shoes - FullScope Sports
Reebok Floatride Run Panthea / Purchase at FullScope Sports

Soft mesh uppers make these running shoes comfortable to wear. You ride smoothly and responsively with ultra-lightweight cushioning, making this a contender for tennis plays. In addition, its Floatride Foam provides ultra-lightweight cushioning for flawless movements.

Sprint Pro 3.5 by HEAD

Sprint Pro 3.5 HEAD - Play Tennis in Running Shoes - FullScope Sports
HEAD Womens Sprint Pro 3.5 / Purchase at FullScope Sports

While you play tennis wearing the SPRINT PRO 3.5 from HEAD, you'll feel lightweight comfort with its newly engineered mesh and a cooling system that promotes breathability. The upgrade includes a new TPU heel counter and a design refresh.


While it's true that some people prefer to wear special shoes when they play tennis, there is no need to do so. In fact, you can actually play tennis in running shoes! Check our more recommendations at our online store, or visit us for the entire running shoes shopping experience.