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Elliptical bikes, the ride to greatness!

One of the greatest features you can find in Elliptical bikes is that the equipment is able to combine low-impact exercise with the freedom of an outdoor workout. They are equally a great source of relief for people who experience joint aches and pains. Using these bikes helping them maintain a good posture. Although cycling is a good form of exercise, you spend most of your workout session in a seated position. This will result in your hip area from being stiff, tight, and weak.

While most workout bikes will assist you to keep fit and healthy, they fail to address the challenges raised above. This article will highlight why these bikes are the best workout equipment to help you achieve low-impact, high-performance workouts.

Designed for safety

So far, we have had no incidences when using the bike. Looking at how the bike is designed, you are able to work-out while maintaining a good posture. It also ensures that your feet are firm on the platform and therefore exposes your joints to extremely low impact.

The design of the bikes also make them safe for people experiencing back aches and other joint aches. This is because unlike most workout bikes, they allow you to exercise while sitting down. Although the impact on your joints is extremely minimal, you get the best performance possible out of it. Meaning, you do not require a lot of exercises to burn calories.

They also come with different adjustable resistance levels. This makes it a good workout bike for those who are overweight and are not used to strenuous exercises.

Types of bikes

The bike comes in several variants. Each of these have their pros and cons, as highlighted below.

1. The Stand-up bike

This EliptiGo bike allows you to experience the cycling effect and still remain in a standing position all through. It comes with 8 adjustable resistance levels and a speed of 12mph. For more experienced people, it can get to a speed of 20mph.

2. ElliptiGo Arc

This compact bike comes in three models; Arc 3, 8, and 24, each with different resistant levels that purely depend on the model you use and terrain. Arc 3 and 8 are mostly for flat terrains while 8 and 24 are for any terrain including hilly terrains. This EliptiGo bike also comes with a speed of 12mphs but can get to 20mphs.

3. ElliptiGo 8C

The ElliptiGO 8C elliptical bike is the world’s most popular elliptical bike that combines performance and price. You’ll feel like you’re “running on air.” It has eight gears capable of tackling tough climbs, this fabulous model suits both professional athletes and recreational riders alike. Whether your goal is to lose weight, cross-train, or just get moving, the ElliptiGO 8C delivers the best bang for your buck. Come to FullScopes Sports located in Smyrna GA and test ride one today.

4. ElliptiGo 3C

This long-stride bike gives you both an elliptical and running experience. It comes in three different models; 3C, 8C and 11R which have similar specs to the Arc. However, it has a speed of 15mphs and can get to 23mphs.

5. ElliptiGo RSUB

The slick and stylish Road Stand Up ElliptiGO RSUB is the premier road product in the SUB lineup and possibly the fastest stand up elliptical bike on the road today. Full-size 700c tires and disc brakes provide a secure, steady and powerful ride, that gives you the confidence to cruise casually or compete. Regardless, you’ll be riding in comfort and burn calories while you reinvent life on two wheels! Contact FullScope Sports and find out how you can get your own ElliptiGO RSUB Elliptical Bike today at our Atlanta location.

6. Street rider

The street rider bike can either be used for an outdoor workout or can become an in-home bike. It has three wheels and comes in either three or seven-speed. It mostly gets to 15mph but can also get to 20mph. The 3i model has three gears (Easy, medium, and hard) while 7i has seven gears for both flat and steep hill terrains. You can easily fold it hence it is portable.

7. Half bike

The Half bike is quite interesting since it offers a learning experience for both gaining balance and riding the bike. It comes with 3 gears and can tackle long distances and hilly terrains only that it requires a fit rider. The bike comes with a video guide on how to assemble it.

Benefits of ElliptiGo bikes

Environmentally friendly

The bike helps conserve the environment as it only requires the energy of the rider. It does not use electricity or batteries. At the end of the workout, the rider loses calories and the environment is safe. You get a win-win situation.

Exercise without hurting joints

Most workout routines either hurt your muscles or joints, which may lead to other health complications. For instance, running gives you joint aches because you repeatedly pound your feet on a hard surface. Equally, when you cycle, you may cause your hip flexors to feel tight and weak. This is not the case when using an Elliptical bike since your feet are always firmly supported on the platform without applying pressure on your joints.


This makes it easy for you to use the equipment for both indoor and outdoor workouts. A good example is the street rider that gives you a good roll in the streets and can also serve you well indoors. It is easily foldable for storage and hauling.

Diversity in exercises

They provide the possibility of incorporating different workout routines using one equipment. Depending on your body needs, you can either cycle, do cardio or build-up muscles.

Adjustment of different levels

The bike across all models can be adjusted to different resistance levels. This gives you the freedom to choose a resistance level you desire depending on your tolerance and needs. This feature also allows for use across different age groups and fitness levels.

Increase your aerobic capacity

The bike’s exercises will increase your heart rate. This improves your ability to engage in activities over a long period of time without getting tired. Over time, you get to build tolerance for other strenuous body exercises.

Wholesome workout

Since the equipment does not use any external energy sources other than the force from your feet to propel it, you get to burn a lot of calories. It, therefore, helps in maintaining body weight and also supports losing weight. Weight is also lost uniformly since all the body parts are involved.

Elliptical bikes are a good choice for anyone who is looking for a unique and affordable bike. With these bikes, you can turn heads around the streets while you achieve your workout needs. Also, safety considerations also prevent any injuries and joint aches. Depending on the bike you choose, you also enjoy the luxury of either exercising outside or indoors. With different speeds and resistant levels, elliptical bikes are the best equipment for someone who wants to achieve different goals without necessarily having several workout equipments.

FullScope Sports is a local running & sporting goods store located near the old train rail that you ride your bike. Stop by and visit us at 1270 Concord Rd. Smyrna GA (Metro Atlanta) to see a really cool ElliptiGO bike that you may like to test ride![/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]