Helpful Tips & Exercises for Runners

Modifying exercises for runners regularly is essential in order to see consistent results, but it can be difficult to adopt and stick with a new exercise routine. It takes a proactive plan of action to help people kick their blah workout routine into gear and provide appropriate motivation to do more than simply “get to the gym.” Here are 9 techniques anyone can use to experience greater success with their exercise regimen.

Use a Stopwatch

The best results are usually achieved by short, intensive workout sessions, so use a stopwatch to remind you when it’s time to work out and when you can take a break. Be sure to take along a water bottle so that you stay hydrated during your travels. Just 60-second periods of rest between each set will increase fat-burning and pack on lean muscle.

Exercises for Runners: 9-Ingredient Workout

Cardio and Strength Workouts

People often consider resistance training and cardio activities as two separate acts. However, this need not be the case. By incorporating cardio intervals like jumping rope or sprints for 20 seconds to boost the metabolism, you can add strength while revving the metabolism.

Skip the Exercise Machines

Although exercise machines are user-friendly and make resistance training more accessible, they simply do not deliver the same results as free-weight exercises. Weightlifting with free weights will yield more stabilizing muscles and therefore a higher calorie expenditure compared to weight machines. Likewise, bodyweight exercises can be more effective for strengthening core muscles and burning calories than exercises done on machines.

Challenge you Balance

The benefits of a little balancing act go a long way. Balance exercises strengthen your core muscles more than exercises that require stabilizing your position. You can easily increase the difficulty level of most stable exercises by adding the use of a BOSU or stability ball. 

Get Fired Up! 

Today, research shows that strong exercises such as box jumps and kettlebell swings can result in a greater response from the muscles used for quick, powerful movements, known as fast-twitch muscles. 

Increase Weight

In a recent study, it was demonstrated that those who lifted a heavy weight for just 8 repetitions burned more calories than those lifting lighter weights for 15 repetitions.

You can gradually increase weight for an exercise (in 2 and 5-pound increments) until completing three sets of 10 reps becomes extremely challenging. Work with the same weight until 10 reps seem surmountable and then add a few more pounds of resistance.

Circuit Training

It’s great to move from exercise to exercise quickly to make a cardio-based workout time-efficient. When setting up a circuit, avoid hitting the same muscle group over and over again, since this will cause burnout. For example, perform lunges before a bicep curls. While the next body part is targeted, each muscle group is given a chance to recover.

Keep a Log

It is nearly impossible to recall every exercise executed, every repetition achieved, and every weight selected during a previous workout. There is also difficulty in determining progress without keeping a record of previous works outs. Exercise with a fitness app or journal gives you the motivation to do better every time and makes attaining a goal more achievable.

Work out with your Running Partner

If you work out with someone else, you are more likely to stay active than if you work out alone. Finding a workout buddy provides increased motivation, accountability, and keeps you going during a workout. It’s a lot more fun to work out with others, too.


The benefits of fitness training can be huge for runners. Leg muscles that are stronger can deliver more power during running, while strengthening connective tissues will reduce the risk of injury. Strengthening your upper-body muscles can also help you run more efficiently.

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