Banner 1 Image Source: A.ESPNCDN.COM The popularity of basketball continues to grow in America. The much loved sport is played for the numerous advantages it has to offer. For a lot of people playing basketball is an affective and fun way to exercise and burn calories. If you have never played basketball before, why not consider joining a team or going to the public park to shoot some hoops with friends. However, before you go to buy the necessary equipments, go through four important features all basketball hoops should have:

1.     Portability

banner 2 Image Source:  RICHMEDIA.CHANNELADVISOR.COM Instead of getting an in-ground hoop cemented, opt for a portable hoop. This will save you from the installation costs and the adjustment process.  Moreover, you may later want to change the location of the in-ground hoop. On the other hand, choosing a portable hoop makes it easier for you to move it from one place to the other. Using a portable hoop is a convenient way to enjoy the sport. A portable basketball hoop features a large plastic base with wheels providing the flexibility of moving it to your desired location.

2.     Acrylic Backboard

Banner 3 Basketball professionals and sports players often suggest using a polyethylene and graphite backboard for young children and acrylic backboards for players new to the sport. Acrylic backboards have a clear surface which is ideal for learning purposes.

3.     An Average of 48” Backboard Size

Banner 4 Image Source:  BASKETBALLHOOPBUYINGGUIDE.COM For young people starting to learn how to shoot, a 44” backboard is normally chosen. However, for them to perfect drives to the basket along with a wide range of bank shots, the rebound space ranging from 48” to 50” of the backboard is recommended.

4.     Height Adjustment Mechanism

Banner 5 Image Source:  X-TREMEBULLRIDING.COM For beginners it is often very difficult to practice on the hoop not designed according to their height. Instead of going for various different hoop lengths a basketball hoop, featuring height adjustment mechanism can help the player adjust the size to best suit the practice needs and personal height requirements.