Image Source: GOOGLE.COM It is estimated that the United States, will generate a revenue of $20 million or 41% of the global share from sports & outdoor in the year 2017. It includes items such as hiking poles, backpacks, winter sports gear, fitness equipment, sports clothing, swimming accessories and shoes. In different words, today’s sports are expensive for every American! Irrespective of your financial viability, if your kids are actively playing outdoor sports, then the probability of you pinching pennies is high. As explained in the opening lines, it is not just the cost of equipment or the uniform anymore. If your kid is a good athlete, then there is the additional expense of a private trainer. However, we are all in it together and where there’s a problem, there’s a cure. Follow the tips below to devise a strategy that suits your financial streams. 1) There are several low-to-no cost programs offered by YMCA for boys and girls. For non-profits, partial cost of some sports programs is subsidized, leaving you with a fraction to pay to enroll your kid. Furthermore, they also have free or discounted programs based on your income patterns, and can also facilitate you with your child’s potential scholarships. 2) It is better for your child to have used equipment than having no or insufficient equipment. Search for good quality used equipment on eBay or Craigslist. Alternatively, there are regional Facebook groups in many U.S. cities where families are handing down equipment that is no longer needed. 3) Do not even think about registering your kid with a for-profit sports league, when you are on the lookout to save money. Such league’s fee is high, which gets doubled with additional travel costs. 4) You can raise money from various local organizations. More often than not, local businesses offer patronage to the local youth sports leagues. If your child’s current league is without any financial sponsorship, ask them if you can approach local businesses for a fundraiser to support the league. 5) Make your young child responsible by persuading him to get an off-season job to cover up for additional sports cost; especially if he/she is talented and needs extra coaching.  

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