FullScope Sports is accepting gently worn, used, and new athletic shoes as part of the GotSneaker program. FullScope Sports will earn funds based on the total quantity of sneakers collected. GotSneakers, a social enterprise, will issue funds in compensation for the collected sneakers. Those funds will benefit youth sports in Smyrna. Anyone can help by simply donating gently worn, used, and new sneakers.

GotSneakers has developed a unique fundraising program that asks communities to reach into their closets, not their pockets! The sneaker recycling program helps keep sneakers out of landfills, which has harmful effects on our environment, and helps organizations like ours raise much needed funds. The program is truly a win – win! Learn more about GotSneakers by visiting their website at www.gotsneakers.com.

Drop off your gently worn, used, and new athletic shoes when you stop in at FullScope Sports.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What condition do the shoes have to be in?
    • Brand New-reusable: Never worn with or without tags and/or box
    • Lightly Used – reusable: Pre-owned, excellent condition, little to no signs of wear
    • Moderately Used – reusable: Pre-owned, good condition, some signs of wear (i.e. mild dirt)
    • Extremely Used  – Pre-owned, bad condition, heavy signs of wear (i.e. minor or major rips, holes, tears, sole separation, torn lining, and stains)
  • What style shoes are accepted?
    • Athletic sneakers
    • Rubber Soccer Cleats
    • Rubber Baseball Cleats
  • What type of performance or activity?
    • Running, Jogging
    • Basketballs
    • Training
    • Sports
  • What does GotSneakers do with footwear that is not in reusable condition?
    • Most of the footwear that is not reusable is recycled or upcycled into new products such as tracks, playgrounds, and other health & fitness related surfaces.