In 1891, Massachusetts resident Dr. Naismith was searching for a game of skills which could be arranged in small indoor space to counter the chilly weather. He ended up inventing basketball. Today, Basketball is more than a $5 billion annual industry in the U.S. making it 3rd most loaded league in the country after NFL and MLB. The elite players sign eye-popping deals of millions and pro-NBA games are televised on national as well global channels. However, a pro was once a rookie, and a rookie was once a teenager. Irrespective of the merits of your talent, hiring a personal trainer to help improve your skill set is highly advisable. Following are five super-solid reasons that highlight the significance of a personal trainer: Basketball is a team sport; however, personalized training allows individuals to minimize their weaknesses while honing their strengths.  If as a player you are going through rehabilitation then personalized training sessions will enable you to get your skills and motivation back in the order. Every athlete is different with a unique set of characteristics, skill sets, and agility.  One-on-one coaching gives you the liberty of working at your desired pace to avoid cramping your body due to an over-zealous training session. A professional trainer will assess your current skill level to take notes on your strengths and weaknesses to develop a tailored practice plan and will continually push you towards improvement. Such workouts extract the most out of training by addressing the needs and wants of your body. Once your trainer has conducted the litmus test of your abilities, the focus will shift towards the specifics. Your trainer will focus on your fundamentals, core balance, footwork and other critical basketball techniques. The core benefit of personalized basketball training is 100% individual participation; enabling high repetition in the shortest time frame possible. With the help of your personal trainer you can work on the areas you’re weak in and improve them. Today, a lot of seasoned basketball trainers are former players that played either college or professional circuits. Therefore, they have an idea about what works and what should be avoided.They develop a rapport with you which inspires question asking and assists understanding. No trainer or coach or expert can make you good or great or unstoppable if you’re not going to do the work! – Tim Grover