Indoor pickleball courts are becoming more and more common, making it easier for people to get their fill of this fun sport. In the same way, you can play tennis or badminton on indoor courts. Pickleball can also be played indoors. Here's our essential guide to get you ready for pickleball indoors.

Why Play Pickleball Indoors?

Playing Pickleball Indoors - FullScope Sports - Smyrna GA

Pickleball offers players of all skill levels an easy-to-play sport that can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. It is a great sport to play with friends or family and can be played in many locations, including parks, community centers, schools, and even corporate buildings.

When playing pickleball indoors, you use a rubber or plastic ball slightly more significantly than a regular pickleball. The rubber or plastic ball offers slower play but is still fun and exciting. You can find indoor courts designed explicitly for pickleball play, or you can use an existing tennis court or basketball hoop.

Competitive players may also prefer the indoor environment to increase their competitive edge. Indoor pickleball offers a quiet, dark, and low-key atmosphere, making it more difficult for opponents to see and hit the ball.

What's The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Pickleball?

An indoor pickleball court is typically smaller than an outdoor court. This means that the ball will travel slower on the indoor courts, making them a good choice for beginners or people who want to play without a lot of noise and general chaos.

Outdoor pickleball courts are typically bigger and offer faster play, which is perfect for more experienced players looking for a more challenging sport. The two types of courts can be combined if you want to enjoy both play speeds.

Here are more differences elaborated:

Pickleball Indoors Mean Wooden Floors

Indoors, pickleball can be played on hardwood floors, which offer more stability and accuracy when hit by the ball. This affects the pickleballs' spins, as indoor balls skid and skip on a gym or wooden floors.

An outdoor pickleball court is typically all outdoors, with trees and other obstacles in the way of the ball. This type of court offers a more physical experience, as players must maneuver around these obstacles to hit the ball.

Using Softer and More Bouncy Pickleballs

Indoor pickleball is played on softer, bouncier balls than outdoor play. This naturally slows the game down and makes it higher than outdoor play on this court surface. But indoor pickleball tends to sit high with a big bounce, so indoor space results in more drives (versus drops).

Indoor Pickleball Uses Temporary Nets

Indoor pickleball nets are often the temporary types, which favor more drives as you play. Outdoor pickleball nets are much larger and allow for more strategic play.

Dealing With Fewer Elements

Outdoor pickleball is a sport that relies on the element of surprise. Players must be constantly aware of their surroundings to make plays.

Indoor pickleball, on the other hand, typically features six players playing on either side of a rectangular court. This makes the game more predictable and easier to follow for spectators. This type of play can be challenging to duplicate indoors.

Some players also don't prefer playing in the sun's heat, so they like indoor pickleball for its cooler, more comfortable environment.

Additionally, indoor pickleball courts are typically larger than outdoor courts, providing players with more space to move around and creating play opportunities.

Indoor Pickleball Balls vs. Outdoor Pickleball Balls

Playing Pickleball Indoors - FullScope Sports - Smyrna GA

When it comes to pickleball, there are two main types of balls you'll play with: indoor and outdoor.

Indoor balls are lighter, airier, and made of softer plastic. Compared to an outdoor balls, they have bigger holes and fewer holes (26 vs. 40). During indoor play, you can control these balls easily, and you don't need much power to send them where you want.

Pickleball balls for outdoors are designed to minimize wind disruption, so they're heavier and more complex. Due to the extra weight, an outdoor pickleball ball bounces lower and moves faster. It means you'll have less time between shots, so you'll have to react much quicker.

Are There Issues with Playing Pickleball Indoors?

Playing pickleball indoors can be a fun and exciting activity, but it can also have some potential issues. For one, the indoor environment can be less conducive to picking up speed and accuracy, leading to game losses. Additionally, using artificial turf or other hard surfaces can lead to injuries if players are not careful.

If you're particular about the pickleball's noises, indoor pickleball may not be your best option. The game's bouncing balls can often be amplified by indoor surfaces, making them more readily noticeable to spectators and opponents.

To mitigate these risks and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all players, it is essential to take precautions such as wearing appropriate safety gear and staying aware of your surroundings.

Where Can I Play Indoor Pickleball Near Me?

There are many places where you can find indoor pickleball courts near you. You can check out your local parks or recreation centers or look for facilities that offer pickleball classes. Additionally, many online resources provide information on playing indoor pickleball in specific areas.

Where Can I Buy Indoor Pickleballs?

There are many places to buy indoor pickleball. Local sporting goods stores, warehouse clubs, and online retailers carry the game. Many of these places also offer pickup games for people who want to try them before buying a set.

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