Running can be beneficial to your physical and mental health, and it can feel good to get out on a trail and take off at a brisk pace. If you have always thought about taking up running but never got around to actually participating in this activity, it is time for you to get moving. You can run and do that comfortably.

Always Stretch Before You Start Running:

One of the most important running tips for beginners is to give yourself some time to stretch and warm-up before you get running. Your body might be stiff when you first head outside to go on a run, and you do not want to risk injuring yourself when you are running. Stretch your body and take a little walk so that you are warmed up before you really get moving.

Don’t Be Embarrassed to Slow to a Walk if Running is Tiring You Out:

One of the beginner runner tips that you need to remember when you are running and feeling tired is that it is okay to slow to a walk. If you just cannot run any further, take a little time to walk. Once your breathing has returned to normal and you feel up for challenging yourself again, then you can increase your speed and start to run.

Get a Friend to Run with You:

If you know that all of the beginner runner tips in the world are just not going to be enough to get you moving, consider getting a friend to start running with you. When you have someone exercising with you, they will hold you accountable and make sure that you go out to run as often as you had planned that you would. Running can be a lot more fun with a buddy at your side, too.

Run at a Pace that Feels Right to You:

Some will tell you that you need to run fast if you are going to be a “real runner” but that is not true. One of the running tips for beginners that you must know is that you can run at any pace that you like. Do what feels right to you, and know that you are treating your body well just by getting active.

Practice Breathing Routines When Not Running:

If you have time to focus on your breathing for a little bit on the days when you are not running, you should consider doing that. You can find videos online that will help you know how you should be breathing when you are exercising, and you can use those videos to get used to that pattern of breathing.

Figure Out Which Days are Going to be Your Running Days:

If you have a plan for the running that you are going to be doing, you are more likely to actually get out and run multiple times in a week. You should figure out which days you have the most free time and choose to run on those days. You should aim to run three times a week. Put your running dates on your calendar so that you will not forget to get out and run.

Run in New Places When You Can:

If you can get excited about the area where you will be running, you will be more likely to spend time running. If there are parks in your area with nature trails set up in them, you should go to those parks and let yourself run in places that you have not been before. Let yourself go to new places solely for the purpose of running in order to make running something that you look forward to.

You Should Buy These Items Before Running:

  • A tool to help you track how fast you are going and the amount of time that you have spent running. Consider investing in a digital band or smartwatch that will help you track your runs.
  • Shoes that fit you well. You need to invest in shoes that feel good on your feet and that do not move around or rub when you are being active.
  • Clothing that helps you feel confident when you are out for a run. If you feel good about the clothes that you put on to run, you are more likely to actually go out for a run and get your workout in.

Don’t Do These Things When You are Just Starting Running:

  • Don’t compare yourself to other runners using the trails with you. They can run at their speed and you can run at yours.
  • Don’t sign up for a race right away. Give yourself plenty of time to run and get used to the whole experience of running before competing against others.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard. Don’t make yourself run every day. If you make yourself try too hard, you are going to end up giving up.

You Can Learn to Run Well and Enjoy Running:

When you start a new type of exercise that you have not done before, you need to rely on others for help and advice. The more beginner runner tips that you can find and use, the easier it will be for you to get into the routine of running regularly. See what you can learn from those who have spent years running.