What is HIIT? | High Intensity Interval Training for Runners

Whether you are running competitively or you are looking to improve your stamina for your personal running goals, you could improve your fitness with HIIT training. HIIT running, also known as high-intensity interval training has been shown, in studies, to have a positive impact on the fitness levels of all runners. The benefits of choosing high-intensity interval training are many, including:

  • A high metabolic rate
  • A raised heart rate throughout HIIT training
  • No equipment is needed

What is HIIT?

If you are looking to start HIIT to improve your running, you will want to make sure you are correctly conducting your training sessions. When you begin high-intensity interval training, you may believe you are going to start a practice routine that will include a lot of equipment. You will be shocked to discover you do not need a lot of equipment, but you will use the weight of your body to create a more powerful physique.

High intensity interval training takes several forms, but the most important aspects of this style of practice are to work in fast bursts of energy. Usually, these bursts of energy last between 30 and 60 seconds. After a period of HIIT training is followed by a short period of rest, which is usually highlighted by another aerobic exercise that is not as intense as the earlier period of activity. The process of HIIT running is to push your body to its maximum output, before resting for a short period of exercise.

Why Choose HIIT Training?

When you ask what is HIIT, you should question why you need to take this form of training into your schedule. One of the most important aspects of HIIT running is that it can be adapted to fit into your busy schedule. The need to fit your training into work and family commitments means you face the challenge of creating a training schedule that can help you in a short period of time.

HIIT running has been designed in a way that means you can improve your fitness levels without leaving your home. The use of high intensity interval training techniques can build your fitness from home with a full training session taking as little as 30 minutes to complete.

The Benefits of HIIT running

When you begin to consider high-intensity interval training, you should immediately look at how this technique can prove your fitness levels. A research study from Hong Kong Baptist University measured the improvement in the fitness levels of those who took part in high-intensity interval training for four to six weeks led to huge gains. The benefits of using the HIIT running sessions led to the increased strength of the core of the majority of these runners, along with high levels of endurance.

Using the HIIT training sessions has proven to be a success for those who want to burn fat for a longer period after they complete their practice. It has been proven that the use of high intensity interval training is capable of providing you with a higher metabolic rate, which means you will be able to burn fat in your body for longer periods and more efficiently.

Perhaps the biggest benefit you will see when you are looking to take part in HIIT running is that you can complete a session in little time and form the comfort of your own home. The lack of time needed to travel to and from a gym, and to complete your session correctly. For runners, the ability to complete a practice session is part of the reason why the use of high intensity interval training is so important.

What can be Achieved with HIIT Training?

When you are looking for new ways of becoming a better runner, you will need to take part in HIIT running to become better athletes. You should see a change in your level of fitness when you have completed this kind of practice session in a short period of time. In our busy lives, we live in the 21st-century, we can find ourselves searches for a quick fix. HIIT running is not a quick fix, but it will have an impact on your physical fitness and stamina in a short period of time.