How To Convert Women’s Shoe Sizes To Men’s Sizes

When you want to convert women’s shoe sizes to men’s, you need to understand how shoes are made, what you are looking for, and how to convert sizes. Use these simple tips to find the right shoes no matter what you would like to wear. Also, remember that you can wear any shoes you want, provided it fits. Some women like men’s shoes, and some men prefer women’s running shoes.

What Is The Basic Conversion?

The basic conversion from women’s to men’s shoe sizes or vice versa is 1.5 sizes. Some people who sell formal shoes will tell you that you should use two full sizes to ensure the proper fit because shoe sizing is wildly different from one manufacturer to another. If you use the “1.5 rule”, a man who wears a size 7 shoe will wear a women’s 8.5. Women who wear a size 8 will wear a men’s size 6.5.

Again, this is a generalization because of how shoes fit. You can never be sure if the “1.5 rule” will work every time. You will get close, but you cannot always be sure. This is why it helps to have other information at your disposal as you shop for shoes. Running shoes fit better when you know what you are looking for, the type of socks you wear, and any insoles you might use.

How Should Running Shoes Fit?

Running shoes should have a bit of room in them. They will be snug because they need to cling to your foot while you are running, but you also need to wear socks, leave room for your feet to expand as you run, and prevent any chaffing along the edges of the shoe. Therefore, a man who has found the perfect running shoes in a women’s style might convert his size 7 feet to a 9 for the extra space. Given the equation above, a man with a size 7 foot will wear an 8.5, but the 8.5 might be far too snug.

How Do Laces And insoles Play Into The Fit?

Some people need to wear special insoles because their feet hurt, they have been prescribed by the podiatrist, or one leg is much shorter than the other. The laces on the shoe can take up space because they press the tongue back into your foot. If the tongue is very thick, it might take up too much space in the shoe, and padding around the ankle might give you a blister if the shoes are too tight.

You must consider all these things when choosing shoes or trying them on. You should loosen the laces if they feel too tight and try to pull up the tongue to prevent discomfort.

Can Women Wear Men’s Shoes?

When you convert women’s shoe sizes to men’s, you will find that women can wear men’s running shoes and even boy’s styles. For example, a woman with a size 5 foot would wear a 3.5 in boys. Kid’s shoes will not be quite as wide as men’s, which could be very helpful. If a woman wears a large size, 9 or 10, she will be catapulted into the men’s sizes. Men’s shoes tend to be cut a little bit wider because men tend to have slightly wider feet, are taller, and are a little bit heavier than women on average. This can be helpful for women with wide feet who cannot get the right fit in women’s shoes.

What About Men With Narrow Feet?

One important thing to note about the historic sizing of men’s shoes is that men with slightly narrower feet may have a hard time wearing shoes that are marked M for medium. Men’s shoes used to be marked C for medium, but that has changed as the population has gotten bigger and taller. Medium now equates with a D width, and a guy with a slightly narrower foot might want to drop down a half size to get the best fit.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Wearing “The Wrong” Shoes?

Men and women can wear each other’s shoes so long as they fit. Using the women to men’s shoe size conversion or the reverse method will help you find shoes that should generally fit. Men should remember that women’s shoes tend to be a bit narrower because that is the beauty standard for women that drives the industry. However, boys might do well to check out women’s shoe styles because they might fit better.

You might also find the colors you want when changing from one style to another. No one will notice which kind of shoe you are wearing, and you will not care so long as they fit.

Do Brands Vary Their Sizing?

Yes. Every brand has a slightly different sizing standard, and that is why you should try on all the shoes you want to wear. You need to know if your conversion has worked. If you are unsure of your size, ask the salesman to check your foot with a Brannock device to give you a “general” size you use as you shop. Some people’s feet grow or shrink, and they never notice.


When you learn how to convert women’s shoe sizes to men’s, you can open up a whole new world of shoes you did not think you could wear in the past. The tips listed above will help you find the right show for everyone in your family. As you try shoes across both men’s, women’s, and kid’s sizes, you should ensure that you have enough room in the shoe, that you will not feel any chaffing, and that you like how it feels when you walk.