Nick Saban Signs Three-Year Contract Extension with Alabama

Nick Saban Signs Three-Year Contract Extension with Alabama Credits:  CBSDALLAS.FILES.WORDPRESS.COM The coach of Alabama football team, Nick Saban, has agreed to a three-year contract extension on Tuesday after the University Trustees approved the deal. The deal is worth at $65 million which will see the highly talented college football coach stick around with Alabama through 2024. It is believed that the football team representing the University of Alabama offered huge incentives to the coach to sign a contract extension making him the highest paid college football coach once again. Banner 2 Credits:  STATIC5.BUSIESSINSIDER.COM According to the deal agreed, Nick Saban will earn $11.125 million in 2017, along with a $4 million signing bonus and a completion bonus of $400,000. “Terry and I are pleased and happy to agree to the contract extension The University of Alabama has offered us, ensuring our time here in Tuscaloosa will continue for many more years,” said Nick Saban. Reports suggest that Saban has become the highest paid college football coach and surpassed most of the coaches in professional sports, at least in 2017. In comparison to all American sports, here is the list of all the coaches that have high wage rate in the North American professional sports along with college basketball and football:

  1. College football: Nick Saban, Alabama ($11.125 Million)
  2. NBA: Greg Popovich, San Antonio Spurs ($11 Million)
  3. NFL: Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints($8 Million)
  4. College Basketball: Mike Krzyzewski, Duke ($7.3 Million)
  5. NHL: Mike Babcock, Toronto Maple Leafs ($6.25 Million)
  6. MLB: Bruce Bochy, San Francisco Giants ($6 Million)

At this moment, three European soccer managers are earning more than Nick Saban this year. They include:

  • Manchester City’s manager Pep Guardiola who will make $19.39 million.

Banner 312 Image Credits:  I.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK

  • Manchester United’s manager Jose Mourinho who will make $17.84 million.

Banner 4 Image Credits:  101GREATGOALS.COM

  • Bayern Munich’s manager Carlo Ancelotti who will make $111.63.

Banner 512131 Image Credits:  NEWS.BBCIMG.CO.UK Nick Saban is the highest paid coach in sports if we stay on the Atlantic side. Banner 6 Image Credits:  USAFTW.FILE.WORDPRESS.COM  

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