Boxing and Balance for Brews is our theme for the October pairing

Kika Stretch Studios located in Ivy Walk and Viking Alchemy Meadery will join forces for an evening of bending and stretching and brews. Pepper Boxing is a new addition to our W&W. Two instructors will lead some shadow boxing workouts and teach proper form on how to punch!

Wednesday, October 12h
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Kika Stretch Studios
Viking Alchemist Meadery
Pepper Boxing

The mission of Kika Stretch Studios is to help clients reset their bodies back to the way they were before pain and tension entered their bodies. Our sessions are designed to help release the tension that’s been trapped inside of our client’s bodies, and teach them how to release and let go, which will help bring their bodies find a state of peace. These sessions increase blood flow, enhance circulation, release stress the body holds onto, improves posture, offers mental clarity, reduces pain and fatigue, and increases flexibility. All of our instructors are certified from a variety of backgrounds such as physical therapy, massage therapy, or yoga instruction. The Kika Method© is meant for anyone who wants to move and feel the natural way that you were designed to.
The Viking Alchemist Meadery is on a mission to introduce mead to Smyrna and Georgia. Mead is alcohol made from honey. Viking Alchemist Meadery serves its beverages at the 

Smyrna Tap Room which boasts a custom, 48-tap wall of mead and cider and accommodates small gaming and reservable event space. The Smyrna Tap Room offers flights and tasting Thursday through Sunday with indoor and outdoor seating.