Jogging is so last year. Plogging, on the other hand, is the newest running trend that promises to get you fit and save the planet in the process.

From a skills perspective, it’s not anymore difficult than jogging is to learn. True enough, you’ll have to add some elements to your standard jog in order to make it a plog, but fortunately, that’s not difficult. So, if you’re all about getting in shape and saving the planet at the same time, read on!

First a Definition…

The name “plogging” is a contraction of the words “jogging” and “plucking.” Basically, those who practice this new planet-saving trend have taken to plucking up the trash that litters the trails and roads they jog on.

These ardent ploggers figure that since they’re going to be out running anyway, they may as well make accommodations that allow them to pick up trash at the same time. Thus, plogging was born.

Where Did This Running Trend Start?

Plogging originated in Sweden and comes from the Swedish term “plocka upp,” which means to “pick up.” The practice has since caught on in other areas of Europe, like Germany and Scandanavia. It won’t be long before the trend catches fire in the US as well.

What Are the Benefits of Plogging?

As you might have guessed, this new running trend comes with more benefits than just saving the planet, though that’s a big benefit to be sure.

First of all, in order to do this exercise correctly, you have to reach and bend down to pick up the items that litter your jogging path. This works different muscles than you’d work if you only jogged. This pick-up element makes a good plog more like circuit training, which requires you to do lunges, lift weights and work your arms.

Just like any good workout, it also gets harder the longer you’re at it. For one thing, you’ll get tired out the longer you’re running. For another thing, if you carry a trash bag with you to pick up the trash, it’ll get heavier as you go, making the workout more difficult as well.

The trash bag part, of course, touches on the environmental benefits of this practice. Some ploggers will try to pick up items that can be recycled, while others will concentrate on trash in general. There’s really no wrong way to do it.

It’s also important that you figure out where you’re going to stash the trash once your run is done. If there are dumpsters along your route, you could throw the trash in there. If not, you can put it in your trash bins once you reach your home.

What You Need to Get Started Plogging

You’ll begin with good running gear. You know, you’ll need shoes that fit properly, loose clothing that breathes, a water bottle and whatever other items you normally bring with you when you jog. For the plucking portion of this equation, be sure to grab some gloves and a trash bag that you can comfortably carry for a while.

Additionally, if you’re not yet into jogging, that’s okay. Walking and plucking works, too, and still provides you with many of the benefits of plogging, including the circuit training part.

What Makes Plogging Fun?

If you enjoy jogging and saving the planet, then this activity is already going to be enjoyable. However, many people actually form plogging groups, which allows them to socialize while they exercise.

Some people who want to start plogging groups have taken to posting announcements on Twitter. Look for the hashtag #plogging. Some ploggers also use #litterheroes to meet like-minded individuals.

Finally, a few ploggers will form Meet-Up groups. Those who are already part of groups that exercise together, like hiking groups, tap their current circle of friends.

Final Words

For many ardent jogger/ environmentalist types, saving the planet just got a whole lot more fun. The latest running trend, plogging, has taken Europe by storm and is bound to do the same in the US. Combining jogging with trash pick-up duties, this exercise has given people a reason to take to the streets with a purpose. In the process, they’ve left cleaner trails and city streets in their wake.