There is simply no other device that provides a low-impact, full-body, time-efficient workout that is as fun and comfortable as an ElliptiGO bike. If you’re a current or former runner, fitness enthusiast, or want to enjoy exercising outside, you’ll love your ElliptiGO. There’s nothing else like it.

Elliptical bikes have a gentle long-stride motion that feels like running on air.

Stand up bikes have a circular pedaling motion and offer a more comfortable and superior workout compared to a traditional bike.

Both deliver a low-impact, full-body workout that burns 33% more calories than a traditional bike. Which family is best for you depends on how much you’ll benefit from the elliptical pedaling motion.

  • Fitness has never been this much fun. Our Elliptigo RSUB Stand-Up Bikes (SUBs) deliver a great, low-impact, full-body workout while putting a smile on your face. More comfort. More calories. More fun.
    • Familiar circular pedaling motion
    • Custom pedals designed for comfort and performance
    • Light & Portable
    • Adjustable so one-size-fits-all
    • All-terrain riders
    • Anyone looking to lose weight or improve their fitness
    • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Pedal Motion Benefit from a true running stride – without the repetitive impact of running – using a long elliptical motion. Muscle Activation Our long-stride models provide an effective full-body workout with balanced leg muscle activation. Riding Terrain This bike is suited for riding in areas that feature flat or hilly paved roads or path.
  • UNRIVALED PERFORMANCE AND COMFORT If you seek the ultimate elliptical cycling experience, this is the ElliptiGO 11R. The 11R is the only elliptical bike on the market that offers our patented running-like pedaling motion, vibration-dampening carbon-fiber drive arms, and a folding-steering column for easy transport. With the widest gear range of any bike we sell, the 11R can take on the steepest hills and push the pace on flats. Your goals are waiting. Let’s get them.  
    Elliptical Bikes Are The New Way To Ride
    —  Carbon fiber drive arms reduce weight and dampen road vibrations —  11-speeds for climbing the steepest hills and powering down descents —  Adjustable, folding steering column for custom fit and easy transport
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