Running can be beneficial at any time, and it can be nice to have running as something to do while you are stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

You might be wondering if it is safe for you to go out on runs and if you should still be exercising at this time. There are ways for you to be safe while you are spending time running, and there are many benefits to getting out and running right now.

Running can help you get a break from all that you are working on in your home and spend some time outside. Running can help your immune system and it can help you stay healthy. Running can help you clear your mind and deal with the stress that you are feeling right now. Learn the tips for running safely so that you can get out and run anytime that you feel like it.

Run Outside if Possible:

The more time that you can spend outside right now, breathing in air that is fresh and clean, the better. If you can spend time running outside, do it. Most states will allow you to get outside and exercise as long as you practice social distancing while doing that. If parks are still open in your area, find a park with trails that are perfect for running and spend time running outside when the weather is nice. If you can’t use a park, choose quiet streets and use them for running. Run right from your home and on your own street, or drive to a location where you will be able to run while getting fresh air.

If Running Inside, Do It in Your Own Home:

If you are not able to get outside to run, you want to use your own treadmill for running. Many gyms are closed right now, and it is not the smartest choice to go to a gym even if they are open. You can get good exercise while working out on your own treadmill, in your own home, and you do not have to worry about catching germs while doing that.

Run in a Private Location:

When you head outside to run, you do not want to go to the most popular park in your area. You do not want to go to a place where other exercise enthusiasts are going to be doing their running and getting in your way. You want to stay as far away from other people as possible right now, and it is best for you to find a secluded and quiet spot where you can do your running without getting in close contact with those who might have coronavirus germs.

If Running by Others, Keep a Distance from Them:

If you find yourself running in an area where others are also running, make sure that you keep a good amount of distance between you and those around you. When you come close to someone, move to the side of the path to create a buffer between you and them so that neither of you is exposed to germs. When possible, turn onto a new path to avoid those ahead of you or slow your pace so that you do not come up close to anyone.

Run Alone if Possible:

Going outside on your own and breathing in fresh air without anyone around you is a healthy thing to do right now. Even if you usually exercise with a buddy, now is a good time for you to try exercising alone. It is best to put off working out with others until this pandemic has passed.

If Running with Someone, Make it Someone Who Lives with You:

If you are someone who cannot get up the motivation to exercise unless you have someone with you, then you should consider getting someone from your own home to run with you. You might be able to convince your child or partner to go out on a run with you when you have no one else to run with.

What to Avoid to Keep Running Safely in This Time:

  • Avoid touching anything while running. Keep your hands off of fences and guardrails and other things that others might have touched.
  • Avoid running if you are feeling sick at all. Make sure that you are healthy before going out in public.
  • Avoid putting too much strain on your body during this time. Make sure that you are getting a good amount of rest and staying hydrated.
  • Avoid taking part in races and other events where crowds will gather. Use this time to run on your own and practice for the future, when you will be able to safely be a part of such events.
  • Avoid touching your face while you are running. You don’t know what kinds of germs you might have on your hands, and it is best not to touch your face at all while out of your home during this time.

It is important for you to take steps to stay safe while you are running. You can exercise during the pandemic that we are facing, you just need to be careful when doing that. The team at Fullscope Sports wants you to keep running safely and to find safe ways to stay in shape during this time.