Breathability, comfort, and style are improved with a new upper.

The new upper of Saucony’s Ride is sleeker and more comfortable, but it remains a simple and reliable trainer. It’s a classic shoe, but it looks more stylish

  • Pwrrun cushioning provides consistent support over long distances without bottoming out under heavy foot strikes.
  • On slick terrain, the rubber on the outsole is durable, grippy, and resilient.
  • Moreover, the mesh and the padding in the upper are perforated to improve ventilation.

In Kutztown, Pennsylvania, workers began manufacturing shoes inside a little red brick factory that sprang up along a creek. Saucony Creek ran directly outside the factory, giving the factory its name naturally. 

Although this tiny factory eventually grew into a running powerhouse, the logo of the company still pays homage to the company’s humble beginnings. As a result, Saucony kept the Ride’s very special logo neatly encapsulated on a much improved upper to take full advantage of the off-year update. 

Featuring engineered mesh rather than the thick material of the 13, this sneaker is lighter and more breathable, and it boasts crafted suede accents instead of plasticky overlays at the tongue, heel, and eyelets.

Except for the upper, not much has changed. With its mostly EVA Pwrrun midsole, the 14th version still offers ample cushioning, despite a decidedly firmer feel, which surprised testers expecting buttery softness more like the Triumph’s TPU Pwrrun+. 

Firmer Foam 

Only three years ago, a larger number of runners would consider the Ride a soft shoe. Nevertheless, I think many of us have become accustomed to a more bouncier and softer feeling underfoot thanks to recent advancements in foam. Despite that, the Ride’s midsole does appear more firm than we expected. 

With Saucony’s Pwrrun cushioning, you will experience solid support, moderate responsiveness, and a feeling of being in control. However, the shoe’s more pronounced toe spring does help roll the foot quickly through push off—though I wouldn’t go so far to call it a rocker sole, since the heel has only a slight bevel and doesn’t quite match the smoother ride at the forefoot. Toe-off became more effortless thanks to the flexible tread. “I didn’t feel like I had to push off to make the shoe go,” said one tester. It felt just as comfortable when I started running as it did when I finished.”

High-Mileage Requirement: Cozy Yet Durable

The Ride’s upper became exactly what it needed to be to match its long-run-capable midsole: a bit more supportive and a lot more comfy. The double-layered engineered mesh doesn’t stretch much, which gives the shoe more structure surrounding the soft, flexible inner bootie. 

Many runners like the fully gusseted tongue’s slight squishiness that eased pressure behind the lacing and created a snug, secure sleeve around the midfoot. This keeps the tongue from sliding and added support to the front of the shoe, while a sturdy heel cup and plush collar helped stabilize the rear. 

It’s a good buy if…

An all-purpose running shoe is what you need.

No matter if you’re running a 5k or a long training session, the 14 gives you everything you need for a great running experience.

Comfort is of the utmost importance

It still retains the good features that make the new Ride one of the easiest running shoes to slip on.

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