ElliptiGO 8C Long Stride Elliptical Bike

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ElliptiGO 8C Long Stride Elliptical Bike


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Pedal Motion

Benefit from a true running stride – without the repetitive impact of running – using a long elliptical motion.

Muscle Activation

Our long-stride models provide an effective full-body workout with balanced leg muscle activation.

Riding Terrain

This bike is suited for riding in areas that feature flat or hilly paved roads or path.


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The ElliptiGO 8C is the world’s most popular elliptical bike. You’ll feel like you’re “running on air,” while leaving the boring gym behind. With eight gears capable of tackling tough climbs, this beloved model suits professional athletes and recreational riders alike. Whether your goal is to lose weight, cross-train, or just get moving, the ElliptiGO 8C delivers the best bang for your buck. Game on.

—  Ergonomic grips and bar-ends provide multiple hand positions
—  8 speeds for climbing hills and sprinting flats
—  Adjustable steering column provides a custom fit

250lb Weight Limit | Ships Almost Fully-Assembled No Tools Required.

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