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Franklin Padel Pro Tennis Balls


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Get the paddle tennis fun started today with this 3 pack of PRO+ Padel balls from Franklin Sports! These official size and weight paddle tennis balls are built for durability and premium performance. Padel players will love the consistent bounce and extended durability that the PRO+ balls bring to every paddle tennis game. Constructed with a rubber core and 55% wool felt, these balls maintain a pressurized bounce and textured feel. So grab a can of the PRO+ Padel Balls from Franklin Sports and hit the court today! THREE PACK: Each can of PRO+ balls comes with (3) official size and weight Padel balls CONSISTENT BOUNCE: These pressurized paddle tennis balls are made with a rubber core designed to provide consistent, reliable bounces game after game WOOL COVER: The 55% wool cover gives these balls a textured surface perfect for putting spin on precision shots DURABLE: Constructed for durability, these paddle tennis balls are dependable for quality play match after match HIGH PERFORMANCE: These official Padel balls are made for premium performance and are perfect for players of all skill levels


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