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Freeze Sleeve

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Black Freeze Sleeve

Revolutionary cold therapy and compression sleeve for sore muscles and joints. Sleeves are interchangeable between arms and legs. Click on the Size Guide image listed above for specific measurements.
SIMPLE – The easy slip-on process eliminates the need for messy ice bags, cumbersome wraps, and multi-step products on the market today.
COVERAGE – 360 degrees of even compression coverage, and also allows full range of motion to the user.
TREATMENT – Provides the recommended cold therapy treatment, without the risk of burning or damaging the skin.
COMFORT – The compression design allows the Freeze Sleeve to be used comfortably on multiple areas of the arms and legs.
CLEAN – Specially formulated with antimicrobial gel that eliminates odors and is non-toxic.
MOBILITY – Allows the user to apply daily cold therapy compression treatment on the go whenever and wherever you are!



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