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FullScope Sports Backpack Pro-Formance Style Edition


FullScope Sports Backpack Pro-Formance Style Edition


We’ve customized our backpack to hold BOTH water bottles or bats.

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FullScope Sports Backpack Pro-Formance Style Edition

• DURABILITY - A common problem with other bags are ripped material and faulty zippers. Imagine if you never had to worry about this, and your equipment just worked! You need to try one of our bags because they are crafted with heavy-duty, 600D Canvas as well as 420D water-resistant Ristop.

• ALL THINGS CARRIED - Imagine a bag that can hold everything you need it to. 6 Compartments! We've included a place to store your cell phone, two bats or 2 water bottles, a helmet, lunch bag, soccer, basketball holder, a Velcro strip, a ventilated shoe compartment, and 1 large compartment for larger items or a change of clothes. It doesn’t matter if you are going to a game, the gym or to an event. This is the bag for you!

• SHOE COMPARTMENT - Muddy shoes causing you problems? Then what you need is our shoe compartment. This keeps the rest of your equipment free from dirt and mud so people can see that you take your game seriously. Our shoe compartments are ventilated so your shoes will be dry and ready for your next big game. Aside from what you'll find with other brands, our ventilated shoe compartment will fit ANY size of shoe, including high tops.

• WATER BOTTLES or BATS - Every player has his or her own preference of equipment. Some like multiple bats and some prefer water bottles. That's why we've customized our backpack to hold BOTH


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