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Selkirk SLK EVO SOFT MAX Graphite Pickleball Paddle



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【 G8-FLEX CONTROL CARBON FIBER FACE 】 Engineered to deliver ultimate control with a super-soft feel, the SLK G8-Flex Carbon Fiber Face puts you in complete command of the game. Known for its soft, yet controlled feel off the face, paired with a massive sweet spot, and ultra-comfortable grip, the SLK Evo Soft offers a high-performance paddle experience.
【 POLYMER REV-SOFT CORE 】 Game-changing performance at your fingertips. We’ve paired a massive sweet spot together with a thicker core. Our SLK Rev-Soft Core technology absorbs the impact to give players a softer feel while still delivering the power you need on the court.
【 LIGHTWEIGHT PICKLEBALL PADDLES 】 Only 7.6oz, this lightweight Pickleball paddle allows players to have quicker hands at the net while also helping maintain control. They make perfect Pickleball gifts for the next generation of Pickleball players.
【 ULTRA COMFORT GRIP 】 Combined with 4.25″ grip circumference and 5.25″ length. SLK Pickleball paddles use Ultra-Comfort Grip material, designed for the highest level of comfort – absorbing both perspiration and impacts as they travel from the paddle face to the hand, allowing you to play without fatigue after long gameplay intervals.
【 MAX Shape 】 The Max shape has the largest surface area with the largest sweetspot. This paddle has the perfect blend of Power and Technology united with Comfort, Balance and affordability for all player levels.

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