Banner 1 Image Source:  S.WSJ.NET The NBA Playoffs are witnessing a rampaging unbeaten streak by Golden State Warriors, but the viral question is, will they rewrite history by going 16-0? No team has gone a perfect 16-0 from the opening game to lifting the coveted Larry O’Brien Trophy in the history of NBA playoffs. Even Michael Jordan’s team was unable to pull off this feat, underscoring the magnanimity of this achievement. Though, the Los Angeles Lakers of 2000-01 came agonizingly close with a famous run of 15-1. However, if there’s ever a team to finally break the hoodoo, it is these DUBS! Banner 2 Image Source:ESPN.COM When you consider the fine blend of balance and firepower that Warriors possess, as well as the way they are ruling the court at the moment, it would not be a fancy thought to see them going all the way. Moreover, the Oakland-based team is almost halfway there after taking an authoritative 3-0 lead against the Utah Jazz in the second round. Though, every fan knows in his/her heart that the real battle begins now. Banner 3 Image Source:  I2.CDN.TURNER.COM Let’s statistically dissect The Warriors: 1) Six of the seven Warriors’ wins so far are by double digits. 2) A primary reason for their dominance is their lack of turnovers. 3) Steve Kerr’s Warriors have committed 11.5 turnovers per 100 possessions this postseason, which is the best in the NBA. 4) The GSW’s have committed seven turnovers in three out of seven playoff games compared to at least eight turnovers in every regular season game. 5) The Warriors had zero second-half turnovers against the Utah Jazz in the Game 3 of Western Conference Semifinals. It is a first for the Golden State in the last 20 seasons! Banner 4 Image Source: NBA.CDN.TURNER.COM Now looking ahead,the Golden State Warriors are in quest of their fourth best-of-7 series sweep in history. If that becomes a reality, it will be the second time ever that two teams would be entering the Conference Finals unbeaten (under the present playoff format since 1983-84). Looking back, the Lakers and Pistons both swept their first two challengers in 1988-89 and ultimately met in the Finals where the Pistons trounced the Lakers. Banner 5 Image Source:  NBAHOOPSPONLINE.COM Therefore, if the Golden State Warriors face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Finals, it would be another first in the NBA history that the same teams locked horns in three consecutive Finals. Banner 6 Image Credits: D1FY1YM40BIFFM.CLOUDFRONT.NET  

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