One of the most important decisions taken by any athlete is the choice of perfect footwear. The vast variety of shoes and cleats available by different brands only complicate the issue for those who are new to the sport and are still discovering their preferences. When looking for a brand to get the footwear from, keep in mind the comfort level. When it comes to baseball, one of the desired features is always traction. In simple terms, traction is what holds the foot firmly against the ground while stopping or applying force. Traction in cleats is increased due to the studs laid under the sole. Aggressive stud layout should be considered which serves the purpose of the sport. For instance, the conical studs allow the players to rotate and pivot without losing much traction. They also have an increased ability to maintain the posture of the body. The conical studs also allow the player to have more control of their body. The studs on the toes are utilized while running and gaining momentum. They allow the field players to maneuver around the field without losing agility. The blade-shaped horizontal studs placed under the heels and at the back of the cleats increases the surface area and facilitates the player in slowing down significantly. For players who prefer using studs rarely, the shoes with removable screw-on studs are a viable option without having the need to buy or carry two pairs. The protection offered by the footwear must also be considered by the athletes. This protection is both in terms of external injury to the wearer and the internal support provided to the ankle and the toes. Contemporary research conducted by the top shelf brands into the dynamics of sport and their prolonged effects on the footwear lead their sport specific products to minimize the strain on the wearer. Durability is the next factor to be kept in mind when choosing the perfect cleat because no one wants to end up with a ripped shoe on their run to the last base and lose the game. The design of the shoes has also become important to most players now. A well-designed shoe with a catchy look is very important. However, if it comes to a choice in how it looks and how it performs the preference is obviously the latter.