Before getting started with cycling it is necessary to build up your knowledge, fitness and confidence. Cycling is not an easy sport. You need to remember this before you start with it. Getting yourself ready for flat tires, and cycle breaking down will save you from lots of frustration. This is also going to help you get prepared for the worst that could happen. There can be multiple reasons for someone to take-up cycling. Getting fit, losing weight or just for the adventure. Whatever the reason is, there are some must do’s before you start with it.

Getting the right fit

Before starting with cycling you should make sure that your ride is a perfect fit for you. Get it to a local workshop and fix everything that need to be fixed. The height of the saddle needs to be appropriate forthe knees not to get locked while riding. Get all the mechanics of your bike checked so that it’s in perfect condition before you head out for a ride.

Powering up

Cycling requires immense fitness. A cyclist will burn around 700 calories in an hour at a speed of 15miles. So to prepare for that, get proper nutrition and start preparing your body for what lies ahead. Running or working out at a gym could get you started. The focus should be on high carb diet. Start getting used to sports one of the drinks which contain electrolytes for better hydration of your body.  Don’t push yourself too hard in the start, plan your rides everyday by gradually increasing the distance. Doing these things will build up your body for the challenge lying ahead.

Find someone to ride along

This can prove to be one of the most beneficial steps you take before riding out. An experienced cycler alongside will save you from the unfamiliar fear of cycling. It will help you to learn the dos and don’ts of the sport and will give you lots of confidence.

Bring and learn to use a repair kit

Always keep a spare tube with you, covered with baby powder so that it is easy to slide on. Bike pump and patch kit will help you avoid getting stranded. A tool kit with necessary tools is a must have for any kind of emergency situation. Keep a first aid kit with you too.