In a little more than 3 decades, the tennis racket has evolved from a wooden frame with the head not much larger than a teacup saucer to the contemporary rackets made with ultra-light materials with their oversized hitting surfaces. There are many things related to the selection of a perfect tennis racket that amateur players are unaware of. They should, however, have knowledge of these things as they could potentially have a positive impact on their gameplay and skillset.

The head of the tennis racket provides the contact area for hitting a ball. Players who are new to the sport should opt for rackets with larger heads. These lead to a power output which is higher with the added ease of finding the target. On the other hand, advanced players could choose smaller heads to let them have additional control on the ball and making it land on the target. Related to the head is the tennis thread which is weaved into the frame, this thread can be woven in various patterns. Many advanced tennis players use various weaving techniques which increase the spin on the ball or facilitate them in handling serves with a high spin on them. The material the racket is made with significantly affects the player’s abilities. Heavier rackets lead to the bearer to get tired quicker and lose efficiency as the game passes on. Ultra-light materials such as carbon composites are tougher and extremely lightweight.

The grip of the racket is another factor that is more than often overlooked by many amateur players. The grips come in many materials such as synthetic fabrics, plastics, and other spongy items. In a tennis racket, the grip apart from providing a sturdy hold on the racket for control also serves the purpose of increased traction in wet conditions. For instance, the grip when sweat is dripping down a tiring player’s wrists. The tennis rackets are mostly unique due to the different weave patterns and grips used. Therefore it is not recommended to buy the most expensive racket in the market or to buy the racket used by your favorite professionals. Although those rackets might be the best ones available in the market, they might not necessarily improve your game. Therefore, an appropriate racket should be chosen so that advancements in gameplay are visible.