Choosing the correct equipment is one of the most crucial steps for tennis players, it can help improving your tennis game. If you want to start playing tennis, selection of the correct equipment is necessary. Tennis is a disciplinary game and it requires sophistication, so does the selection of tennis equipment. Tennis requires intense training, for which you must have a proper equipment to kick start. The game requires a lot of movement around the court with firm grip, flexibility and definitely a perfect racquet to suit your needs.

  • Racquet

You might ignore the importance of the racquet while playing but the choice of your racquet can considerably determine how you play. While you’re selecting the racquet for yourself, you must consider features such as the string pattern, head size weight, balance point, swing weight, grip size, string material, string tension, string gauge and frame stiffness. Your racquet should suit the specific needs of your playing style. You also need to figure out perfect weightfor your racquet.

  • Grip Sizes

Grip sizes are all about hand sizes. Obviously, different people have different hand sizes and finding your grip size is about finding a size which you can easily hold and play with comfortably. The majority grips are anywhere from 101 mm 123mm in U.S. You can find the grip size of a racquet by looking at the butt or on frame’s throat of a racquet.

  • Shoes

As it requires a lot of running while playing tennis, player shouldn’t compromise on the quality of their shoes. Shoes play an important role for players who have to move around the court with flexibly and while maintaining their grip wherever it’s required. So while selecting shoes, one should be very careful about the size and weight.

  • Apparel

You must select the most comfortable apparel accessories which includes shirts, shorts, socks and tracksuits.

  • Strings

Selection of strings is the most important and technical aspect of choosing the right equipment. Different types of strings are used while making a personalized racquet. The different type of strings include natural gut, synthetic gut, multifilament, nylon, polyester, etc.

  • Bags

Kit bags are must because you just can’t carry around this stuff from court to court. It comes in various sizes with various features. You can pick whichever suits your needs.

  • Towel and other Accessories

You just can’t forget about towels. It’s a sweaty game and you need to clean yourself time to time. So towels, wristbands, headbands might help you up during the game.